XXXTractor Kit 5 Gallon Bags


The XXXTractor bags are made from top quality waterproof nylon. They also use a high quality thread used in the manufacturing of swimwear. The bags are labeled with color-coded X’s for easy to follow instructions. They stand behind the quality of their products and guarantee any manufacturers defects for 1 full year. These multi-purpose extraction kits can be used for making aroma therapy oils, cooking oils, and other natural products. Can contain 200g of dry plant matter. This kit contains:
  • 5 Gallon red bag - 220 microns
  • 5 Gallon orange bag - 75 microns
  • 5 Gallon yellow bag - 25 microns

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With XXXTractor bags, plant material can be blended with ice water or dry ice (without water) to assist in the separation process. Once the waste has been removed, the desirable oils and plant compounds can be squeezed with pressing screens. These bags can be purchased in kits or individually.

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